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We provide expert masonry service including chimney repair and maintenance in the Coombs & Errington areas.

Coombs & Errington are small communities on Vancouver Island, west of Parksville & Qualicum.

The weather can take a toll on bricks over time on the older residential houses and commercial buildings with old brick facades, walls, chimneys, or landscaping that need to be maintained and preserved or even restored to keep it’s original beauty. You don’t want wall grout to crumble apart, or old chimneys to decay or leak.

Qualicum Beach Masonry & Chimney Service specialists are happy to come to you in Coombs or Errington and help with fireplace and chimney maintenance, chimney cleaning, build, or repair. We also specialize in historical or heritage building restoration. Give us a call at 250-752-1111.

If you need QUALITY masonry work, leaking chimney repair or a chimney sweep in Coombs & Errington you cannot afford to risk using the “cheap guys”.

Have your stonework, brick or fireplace projects done right the first time with our Consumer Choice Award winning services for three straight years, and proud members of Shell Busey’s House Smart Referral Network. We specialize in WETT Inspection, heritage restoration, brick patios, planters, chimney services, and stove installations.

We provide a range of quality services dedicated to meeting the needs of our customers in Coombs, Errington, Port Alberni, Parksville & Qualicum Beach.

  • Old Brick and Stone Wall Repair and Restoration
  • Chimney And Fireplace Services (Build, Rebuild, Restore, Repair, Removal)
  • WETT inspection services
  • Heritage Brick Restoration and Historical Building Restoration
  • Chimney Sweep, Cleaning and Maintenance
  • Fireplace Inserts and Stove Installations
  • Home Repairs & Renovations
  • Home Construction and Additions
  • Concrete Block Construction
  • Landscaping Masonry and Hardscaping and Planters
  • Brick or Stone Walkways, Walls, Patios, or Stairs.


Monday-Saturday: 7 AM – 7 PM
Sundays & Holidays:  Closed

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