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Fireplaces and chimneys are a cozy part of any home. They may provide heat, smoke ventilation, and an attractive focal point for any room. However, they can be extremely dangerous if left unmaintained or damaged. Qualicum Beach Masonry & Construction specializes in all aspects of chimney and fireplace building, maintenance, and repair in Parksville area on Vancouver Island. In fact, we are the consumers choice in that category. Call us at 250-752-1111 and get a FREE estimate. No job is too big or too small.


To ensure your fireplace is working properly we recommend a cleaning and inspection every year. With use overtime, chimneys build up a substance called creosote on their interior walls. Creosote ignites at temperatures as low as 451 F, about the same ignition rates as ordinary paper. Once ignited, the heat can transfer to the wood structure of the house resulting in a fire. Even chimneys that are used less regularly can be at risk. Animals such as birds and squirrels often build nests in the flue of a chimney, blocking air flow and providing fuel for a potential fire. Your chimney cleaner may recommend an animal screen to prevent this. Chimneys for coal, gas, and oil should also be inspected for maintenance or the installation of a liner to help prevent fires, moisture damage, and the spread of toxic fumes into the home. Call us for our Parksville chimney cleaning services.

CHIMNEY REPAIR in PARKSVILLE (& Fireplace repairs)

Creosote buildup is not the only cause for concern in your chimney. Cracks or holes in your firebox or smoke chamber may result in unsafe heat transfer, increasing the risk of a fire. Weakened mortar may result in water damage, smoke damage, or loose brick/stone. One of the main causes of chimney leaks and water damage is the chimneys flashings. Flashings are often incorrectly installed, worn out, or missing altogether. A damaged crown or shoulder may also lead to water damage. Depending on your situation, we may recommend your chimney is repointed (a process of replacing the existing mortar with new mortar), a rebuild of your firebox, shoulder, or crown, the addition of a chimney pot or liner, or the installation of new counter flashings.


Qualicum Beach Masonry & Construction has been specializing in the construction of chimneys for over 50 years. If your chimney is beyond repair it likely needs to be reconstructed. Once your chimney is removed our expert masons will inspect the condition of your chimneys foundation and advise you on whether it needs to be replaced as well. A damaged foundation is often the cause of a damaged chimney.


We also install energy saving top dampers. These dampers reduce energy costs, prevent animals from entering your home, seal out moisture to extend chimney life, help with downdrafts, reduce chimney odours, and are easy to operate.


Qualicum Beach Masonry & Construction is happy to help you choose and install a wood burning insert or stove for your home.

Let us inspect your fireplace and chimney with certified WETT inspectors, and determine if you need tuckpointing or repointing, fireplace repair, or a complete chimney rebuild. Call us at 250-752-1111 for quality fireplace and chimney cleaning services, rebuilds or chimney repairs in Parksville – Qualicum Beach, Arrowsmith Coombs Country including Coombs, Errington, Hilliers, Meadowwood and Whiskey Creek; Lighthouse Country including Dashwood, Qualicum Bay, Dunsmuir, Bowser, and Deep Bay, French Creek, on Vancouver Island, BC.

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